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This is what I look like in the morning Bonnie's in Atco  1979 ? Xmas 2000 at Aunt Millie's Singing Xmas carols in the Recording Studio 1999 Mickey & Me at a friend's wedding on a boat, off Long Beach Island Birthday dinner 10 years ago, guess why the silly grin ! Mickey & Me dining out at the Zoo with my mother: Toppy Me & Mom, Xmas 1989 My father: Barney, the Duck Hunter. 1915-1985 Toppy and I, April 2003 Outside by my new Saturn Purple Saturn, Purple Outfit, Purple Shoes Dinner with Mickey Yea, were passin' the camera back and forth Finally got a hair cut after 8 months What dog, I don't have a dog! Bal gets lazy after he eats I told that bitch I'd scratch her eyes out! The happy couple (an illusion) I stepped in what? Lori & Vic's Wedding 1 Lori & Vic's Wedding 2 Al & Linda Mickey Mickey & Me Mikey!

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